Choose 1 or 2 of the areas you circled.
List your 1 or 2 goals below along with the action plan in order to reach your goal:
Behavior/Organization/Life Skill Goal:
Ways for me to meet my goal:Doing my best and neatest work
1.I will practice writing at home.
2.I will think about what I write before I write it.

Academic GOAL:
Ways for me to meet my goal:Taking more time when working on assighments
1.I will take my time and not rush.
2.I will read the directions.

Technology GOAL:
Ways for me to meet my goal:Practice typing to improve speed and accuracy
1.I will go to Dance Mat typing every week.
2.I will start to practice four times a week.

One way you can help me reach my goal is…
Parent: I will check in with you once a week to make sure you're maintaining your goals.

Teacher:I will ask you if you have checked over your work carefully before you turn it in.

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“A Goal Without a Plan is Just a Wish”
Antoine de Saint-Exuperty